Monday, April 18, 2011

More Poker

4 pm Survivor

The Borgata Spring Poker Open not only has 23 Main Events, but 30 additional cash tournaments and super satellites. Monday's Survivor tournament is underway and is $150 + 30, where 1 in 10 players win $1,500 in cold hard cash.

The event is a chance for die hards to play more poker. The eclectic group includes players in their first event of the day (Mike Rizzuto, Cathy Bailey), bust outs from the 11 am (Kalid Ali, Romie Montano & Ed Abendschein), and Event 8 - Day 1A Survivors (Dennis McGlynn, Chris Valsamos, Matt Selman).

Selman (Brooklyn, NY) says he likes the down time and is ready to make a run at the Day 2 title and trophy. "Definitely," he says, "Play tomorrow and try and make it happen."

McGlynn (Beltsville, MD) is glad to have a break between Day 1A and Day 2 and adds, "I like Survivor tournaments. They're a little more relaxing."

This event also counts towards the Tournament Leaderboard Promotion. You can see the current standings here.

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