Monday, April 18, 2011

Event 8: First Seat Open

$400 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NL (2 Re-Entry) 

On my first pass through the field, I witnessed the first bust-out.  That was only about ten minutes into play.  That particular player asked the dealer for a re-entry ticket, so he'll be back.

There are several players in the house today who played yesterday, including Micky Woll, Smiley Chin, Sirous Jamshidi, and Frank Gangemi.

These guys tried their luck at Omaha Hi/Lo yesterday (didn't cash) and are back today playing NL Hold'em: 
Robert Ervin
Gordon Eng
Larry Gold

More faces in action today: 
Ed McCarthy
Vincent Basilicata
Mike Castaldo
Ted Geier
Michael Buttacavoli
Abul Moborrod

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