Monday, April 18, 2011

Event 8: Aces Hold for Sica

$400 + 50 Deep Stack Double Play NL (2 Re-Entry)  

Mike 'Little Man' Sica got all his chips in pre-flop holding pocket Aces against an opponent with pocket Kings.  The Aces held up and Little Man doubled up to ~91k, becoming today's early chip leader.

 Mike Sica (Pointing at Mickey Woll)

Mickey Woll, who is sharing the green felt with Little Man, claims the title of 'Green Chip Leader' since he has more green 25 chips than anyone else at his table.

Once the antes kick in, collecting green chips is a big part of the game.  A player with lots of green chips is usually playing aggressively and winning (or stealing) lots of pots.

Barry Levy has arrived and is seated at table 24.  While I was talking to Little Man about his Aces holding up, (and how unusual that seems sometimes) Barry, at the next table over, had pocket Aces and raised.  He got no takers, however, so his Aces held up also.

End of level 6 and last chance for re-entries!

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