Monday, April 18, 2011

Event 8: Chip Leader Transfer

$400 + $50 Deep Stack Double Play NL (2 Re-Entry)

Richard Woodall - 350,000 - 1B Chip Leader

Huge hand between Richard "Texan" Woodall and Angela Miranda (Bethpage, NY).

With seconds ticking down until dinner break, chip leader Anegla looks down at KK at bets 6500. Richard, in the 2400 big blind, calls the remaining 4100 holding a measly 3-6.

Flop falls Q-3-6.

Angela bets 30,000 feeling good with that flop. Richard with bottom two pair pops it.

Turn card is another 6 giving Woodall the full-house. He check raises all in for his remaining 145,000 and gets paid off. Blank on the river.

A true double up for Richard Woodall who is now the current chip leader in the room.

Angela is down to 30,000 and will have to rebuild.

That's what makes poker so great, one hand can change everything.

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