Friday, April 22, 2011

Event 16: Rounders Abound

$300 + $50 NL (1 Re-Entry)

A quick pass through the Poker Room turned up some interesting players in this event.

2002 WSOP Main Event winner Robert Varkonyi is way in the back at table one.

2005 WSOP Main Event runner-up Steve Dannenmann is at table 30, which is currently the last table in action (ten-handed tables).

Also spotted:
Ibra Ibraimovic
Angelo Modica (has already busted out and re-entered)
Joshua Cranfill
Ed Abendschein
Mike Kalfa
Joanne Monteavaro

Interestingly, Gil Sacks and Frank Gangemi have both opted to play this event instead of the $1,000 NL event.  Gil is currently 8th (244.5 points) and Frank is 6th (252.725 points) on the BORGATA SPRING POKER OPEN LEADERBOARD contest and hoping to win a seat in the main event.  

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