Thursday, April 14, 2011

Event 1: 9th - Georgous; 8th - Moriello

$350 + $50 DS NL (2 re-entry)      

Demetrios Georgous had blinded and anteed his way down to only 85k when he decided to move in.  Since the big blind is 100k, this wasn't even a call.

Then David Heck (cutoff) raised to 250k, which Jim Hayduk called from the button.  AJ Moriello was in the big blind and after giving it some thought, he moved all-in over the top for 770k straight.

Back to David, who decided to shove over the top of Moriello.  Hayduk opted out and the three hands were rolled over:

Demetrios - KJ
Moriello - A9
Heck - AJ

The board came A 7 3 8 Q and Heck's kicker played.  He took both the main and side pots.

 AJ Moriello & Demetrios Georgous

Demetrios Georgous finished in 9th place, earning $4,690.
AJ Moriello finished in 8th place, earning $6,787.

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