Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Race Situation

Event 1: $350 + $50 DS NL (2 re-entry)                 

There's just no way for a short-stack to fold a hand as strong as AQ,  AK, or a pair, at this point in the tournament, so a lot of players end up racing for their tournament lives.

This just happened over at table two.  Hugh Bartlett (Bohemia, NY) had to commit all his chips with AQ and was racing against the pocket 8s of Matt Kleckner (Coplay, PA).

 Matt Kleckner

The door card of the flop was a Queen, but there was an 8 right behind it giving Matt a set.  The last two brought no salvation for Hugh and he was busted in 51st place ($813).

Matt chipped up to ~750k.

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