Thursday, April 14, 2011

Event 1: 36th - 32nd Places

$350 + $50 DS NL (2 re-entry) 

The money bump at 26th place seems to have opened the floodgates.  Five players have already busted out since play resumed from the break -- all earning $1,160.

Nashaat Antonious got his chips in good with AT, but big-stack Krzystof Perka called the all-in with a dominated T9.  Nevertheless, the board came K 9 7 J 6 and Perka took the pot with a pair of 9s.  Nashaat took 36th place.

Larry Gold open-shoved with pocket Tens, only to run into Michael DiChiaro's pocket Jacks.  The flop came Q J 9, giving Larry lots of outs, but the last two bricked off 7 2, and Larry was dispatched in 35th place.

Ed McCarthy couldn't survive another all-in and his chips were collected by AJ Moriello.  Ed collected 34th place.

Eugene Morgovsky busted out in 33rd place.

Thomas Macari took 32nd place.

31 players remain.

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