Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baldy at Borgata

So I was one of nine at the table with the opportunity to eventually win a pot of gold...The contestants were super cool but underneath the veneer they were super hyped...I could tell that while they enjoyed my company and most of my stories their devilish mind was on the flop.. My entry money went quickly, too quickly..I was amidst pros...I played it off...Embarrassed how quickly my chips disappeared, I faded into the background and decided that my immediate skill was to update the "players" on the Flyers and Phillies...Yes, Lee was mowing em down.
I had a blast and hope that out of mercy alone that they insist I return...Now that I am not a virgin of the wonderful worldwide game of Texas Hold em. I can REST EASILY FOR MY NEXT ADVENTURE GOOD LUCK

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