Sunday, April 24, 2011

Event 18: Table 1 Jokerstars

$2500 + $200 Double Play NL Championship

Ephie Lowinger (Brooklyn)

Only three players have survived table 1 since the start of the tournament:
1. Gordon Eng (Borgata regular) - 80,000
2. Ephie Lowinger (Brooklyn, NY) - 135,000
3. Ed Cotter (Mont Vale, NJ) - 118,000

Each player has knocked out one or more players to collect their above average stacks.

This is by far the most talkative and fun table in the room.

Gordon told me, "It's good except I have to listen to Ephie's bad jokes all day".
To which Ephie replied, "He's right. I am making bad jokes. Like Michael Jackson Bad."

Some of the jokes I can't print for fear of losing our FCC license (if we had one).

In all seriousness, Lowinger said he loves this table and that the players have been amazing.

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