Sunday, April 24, 2011

Event 17: Cotton Snuffer - 5th Place

$1,000 + $90 NL (6 Max)

Cotton Snuffer - 5th Place - $6,635

The table took a liking to Cotton Snuffer. He developed a tight image by showing the nuts over and over again but his table nemesis Brett Fox still called his river bet down with middle pair.

Brett had K-7 on an A-K-5 flop. These crazy internet kids!

Cotton said, "I had the right read on you and I guess you had the right read on me".

Cotton recovered from that blow but battled again with Brett.

Snuffer held A-Q up against Fox's K-J

Fox finds his K and his J on the flop and Cotton is out.

Look for Cotton in the main event or at least listen for him - you can't miss his West Virginia accent.

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