Saturday, April 16, 2011

Event 7: Stroker Poker

$300 + 50 NL (Big Stack)

Johnny "Stroker" (Bronx, NY)

Mike Ackrish (Staten Island, NJ) limped in with aces and got two callers.

Flop: 4 6♠ 9

Johnny "Stroker" jams the flop and Mike snap calls, easily covering Johnny.

The third player folds, claiming to have 10-10.

Stroker tables J-9 and Ackrish flips over Aces.

Turn: Q♣

Stroker needs a nine or a jack or his tournament dreams are over. Just like that the J♣ falls and he more than doubles up to 100,000.

Mike Ackrish, a poker veteran knows aces getting cracked is all part of the game.

In this case Stroker beat both big pairs pre-flop catching lucky on the river.

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