Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Event 18: Hundo for Ho

$2500 + $200 Double Play NL Championship         

After the break, play resumed with level 15, blinds 1,200/2,400 with 300 antes.

On a low flop with two clubs, Maria Ho's AK of clubs is flipping against a short-stack's pocket Queens.  Maria misses all her outs, the Queens hold up, and Maria is back down to ~100k.

(If only she had seen my previous post about the coin-flips going to the pairs today.)

A short-stack with AQ suited was all-in against Wayne Lewis (Galloway, NJ) who held pocket Tens. 

Guess which way this coin flip went? 

The board came 9 7 2 7 5 and the pocket pair held up.  The short-stack was busted and Wayne chipped up to ~60k.

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