Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Event 18: 18th - Sokolov; 17th - Arnieri

$2500 + $200 Double Play NL Championship   

Three of the shorter stacks on table one got all-in pre-flop holding

Tony Arnieri:  pocket Tens
Dmitri Sokolov: pocket Kings
Adam Cook:  pocket Aces

The flop came A 6 6, giving Adam Aces-full and leaving the other two looking for runner-runner quads.

The last two came J 3 and Adam took the pot, chipping up to ~760k.  Tony was left with ~60k.

 Dmitri Sokolov & Tony Arnieri

Dmitri Sokolov (Red Bank, NJ) finished in 18th place, earning $8,563.

Tony Arnieri (Lumberton, NJ) busted out soon after in 17th place, also earning $8,563.

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